Who's that Cat?

TabbyCat Pickling Co. is a NW family business specializing in organic farm fresh neoclassic pickled goods and relishes. TabbyCat was founded by Catherine Brooke Barrows in 2010 with a mission of exploring her culinary passions and creating a quality of life that supported her family, local organic farmers and her community at large.

In 2011 Catherine’s true love Jeff Howard came on as partner in order for them to both work together in creating their New American dream which allows them to express their personal talents and abilities and ultimately help create and shape the world they want to live and raise their children in.

They and their employees believe that by creating their New American dream through a company like TabbyCat, they can bring to the forefront their values of truth, integrity, second chances and LOVE. By investing in the inherent faith in people and working with their communities they can honor our country’s positive history and inform our future where health and abundance for all is not only a possibility, but the new norm.
The TabbyCat Gang
At TabbyCat they are cooking up crazy good, unique foodstuffs like your mamma and grandpa used to make- with their own culinary twists of course. Their crunchy Mother's pickles, Sunchoke Skordalia and NW Tabby Tarter Sauce along with other delicious pickled treats are sure to bring up warm memories of family, food, laughter and togetherness.

Our Product Line

TabbyCat Products
Check out the complete line of TabbyCat Pickling Co. products. From Mother's Pickles to Athena Spears, the whole family is here.

TabbyCat's Mission

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Community, friendship, respecting each other's varied beliefs, giving back and sharing with those less fortunate with compassion and selflessness.